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Post  Admin on Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:10 pm

Arrow Language: Only English is allowed. Lots Of Topic forum is an English forum.

Arrow Don't create duplicate threads/posts: It is very important for a member that he shouldn't create duplicates. Duplicate threads or posts are not allowed and considered as spamming if anybody will try to create the same.

Arrow Copy - Paste is not allowed: Don't do copy-paste here. We'll monitor your posts closely and all copy paste posts will be deleted. It is very important for every member to follow forum rules and copy-paste would be considered as spamming.

Arrow Follow Proper format to create any thread: For example:

site name - site url
example -

Arrow Spamming: Don't spam Lots Of Topic forum. Senseless, not specifit to the topic, irrelevant, worthless or meaningless posts would be considered as spamming. All such posts will be deleted by us. Short posts, one liner or try to increase the posts character by any means is also not allowed.

Arrow Only one topic per thread: Don't discuss or provide information about two programs in one thread. Only one topic is allowed in a particular thread.

Arrow Multiple accounts: Don't create multiple accounts. It will be considered as a serious issue. All accounts from same IP will be banned.

Arrow Back to back posts: Back to back posts are not allowed in any forum including in Lots of topic Forum. So wait for another member to respond to your posts this way you will be able to avoid consecutive posts.

Arrow Flooding: Posting continuously to flood the forum is not allowed. Please be specific to the topic and post decently.

Arrow Provide referral link: Every member should abide by the forum rules. It is also necessary to provide referral links with every thread. It is only applicable for thread creator. Thread without referral links will be deleted by us.

Arrow Hijacking: Don't post referral links in an existing thread. It would be considered as hijacking the thread creators referral link. Thread starter/creator is only allowed to post the referral link in his/her starting post.

Arrow Don't misbehave anybody: It is a place to communicate with each other. Don't use rude words or insult anybody. If you find anyone doing so then report us immediately. We'll take necessary action towards the member.

Arrow Report us:You may report any thread or post if you find any abusive contents in that particular thread or post. You can report us by using the link "Report an abuse" link. Or you may PM any moderator or admin directly with thread link.

Arrow Posting Limit: The maximum number of posts one member can post in Lots Of Topic forum is 30 posts per day. However, it will be increased by maximum 75 posts per day.

Arrow One ip per user: The limit of the one user is for a one ip. if multiple user use a same ip otherwise it will be banned automatically.

Admin has full right to add or change the existing rules at any time without any prior notice.

Rules & Moderators :

1. Forum rules are enforced by Moderators who are assigned forums by the Forum Administrators.

2. Moderators have additional rights in their forum. Besides the closing or complete deletion of threads, they can also move them or make them sticky.

3. Moderators can and will set up additional posting rules which meet the characteristics of their forum.

4. If you think a moderator is abusing his or her power, feel free to contact an Administrator using the 'Contact Us' link below.

5. Moderators that have moderation rights on all available forums Moderators are appointed by the Administrators.

6. Administrators are people maintaining the technical background of the forum. They are responsible for appointing Moderators .

7. We reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules, as access to our support forums is a privilege and not a right.

Posting Rules

No NO VERSUS Threads.

No NO ''LIKE'' Threads


No NO COPYING Threads.

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